Budgeting For The Best 2 Bedroom Apartments in Baton Rouge
Budgeting For The Best 2 Bedroom Apartments in Baton Rouge

Whether you’re starting your career or going to school—young adult life is often like a crazy rollercoaster. Because your time to shine is now, it makes sense that you want to live in a high-quality apartment. But between the cost of living and the cost of having fun, it can be difficult to save. Believe it or not, it’s possible to rent the best 2 bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge and save money, too! At River House Apartments, we believe you don’t have to compromise luxury in order to be money smart. 

Save On The Amenities

Not only do we have the best 2 bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge, but we have the best amenities, as well! When you rent with us, our features will save you from having to budget for a number of expenses.

  1. Like furniture—You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for it right now, and you don’t have to! The River House apartments offer several fully furnished apartments with the high-quality and modern designed furniture that you love. Estimated value? At the very least, $500.
  2. Clean clothes—We have washer and dryers in every unit, saving you money every time you clean clothes. An estimated value of $45 a month compared to in community washer and dryers to be exact. 
  3. Our fitness center with free weights, training and yoga studios—Make a workout schedule with your roommate or neighbor and commit to your complimentary fitness studio. Forget overpaying at the gym 20 minutes away. Which is an estimated cost between $70-$200.

Break It Down

It isn’t hard for budgeting to seem daunting, but with our help, it’s easy to navigate! To begin, there are a lot of budgeting apps available that help you by setting goals and breaking your budget down by category. A good way to do this is by breaking down your expenses into two respective budgets—monthly, and weekly. 

Start your monthly budget by figuring out your average monthly income. After this, set your budgets for each category and remember to save a portion of your income for emergencies. If you haven’t yet, think about opening a savings account. As you learn about your personal financial habits, your budget will evolve, and you will get better at allocating your income.

Because expenses occur at different times of the month, set your weekly budget based on income per week rather than categories. If it helps, use a spreadsheet in addition to your budget app to estimate how much you will spend that week. From there, differentiate between necessary spending and less urgent expenses. There are a number of ways to plan your budgets, it’s just the matter of finding what suits you and your needs.

Categorize and Prioritize 

Because you live at the River House, you already know there are some expenses you don’t have to worry about. For the remainder, we made a list of important budget categories to consider.

  1. Rent
  2. Utilities
  3. Car Payments
  4. Groceries*
  5. Phone Bill
  6. Pet Supplies* (If Applicable)
  7. Renter’s Insurance
  8. Streaming Services
  9. Home supplies*
  10. Personal Care
  11. Entertainment

*Nowadays there are many ways to plan around your budget through subscription services. Explore your options for grocery delivery, pet, and home supply subscriptions. Not only is planning easier, but these options are cost-effective when you split responsibility with your roommate. 

Your Future Is Bright At River House!

Don’t break the bank to live in the best 2 bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge! Budgeting is a great way to live the stress-free life of luxury you deserve. Make the choice for a bright and shining future and live at River House Apartments. Experience the best apartments in Baton Rouge for yourself, and schedule a tour today!