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Defining Baton Rouge Luxury Apartments

Often when you’re hunting for apartments, you’re just looking at the basics. The rental scene in Baton Rouge can seem so competitive. You feel that all you focus on is location, price, and size. But you deserve more than that. You might think luxury apartments are out of your reach. But no matter how you define it, you deserve to open your mind to more aspirational options.

What Does Luxury Mean?

The word “luxury” is thrown around often. What does it mean exactly? We took inspiration from all the dads out there who tell their kids to “look it up.” So we did. But, as you know, this is the 21st century so “look it up” really means to Google it. Here’s the dictionary/Google definition we found online:




  1. the state of great comfort and extravagant living.


  1. luxurious or of the nature of a luxury.


What Does Luxury Mean To YOU?

Luxury’s actual definition still leaves quite a bit open to interpretation. It seems like the term might be subjective. Every potential renter might have his or her own explanation of what the word means. What one person might consider luxurious might not be someone else’s cup of tea. Since it’s such an individual preference, you should take some time to think about it. You could even make a list of things that seem luxurious to you and prioritize them. Are aesthetics more important to you than a long list of amenities? Or does location still determine all your decisions? Depending on your answers, your search can guide to you perfect luxury apartment.

Great Comfort

When it comes to apartments, comfort can mean many different things. Comfort might mean a close-by place to take your pets outside. Maybe comfort is sleeping easy and feeling safe in a gated community. Or having yoga classes steps away from your front door. For others, comfort could mean a shorter commute to work. Find all these things in your great, comfortable apartment. All you’ll have to provide is a super-comfy sofa and a few cozy blankets.

Extravagant Living

Extravagant living is a more of a state of mind. Maybe it’s surrounding yourself with beauty and technology. Soft colors, hardwood floors, beautiful stone counters, and stainless steel appliances. A fitness center, beautiful landscaping, and a resort-style swimming pool. Or maybe it’s indulging in staying in. Skip going out and stay home in your luxury apartment. 

Luxury Apartments In Baton Rouge

River House Apartments in Baton Rouge meets all of these standards of luxury.  It’s minutes from downtown with easy access to LSU, MidCity, and the best of the capital city. Add to the list designer-chosen colors, shiny new appliances, and envy-worthy amenities. See if River House’s luxury matches your definition. Give us a call at (225) 230-0624 or stop by the office on Nicholson Drive. You can even apply online. We look forward to welcoming you home.