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Ideas For 2 Bedroom Apartments In Baton Rouge

Finding your perfect apartment in Baton Rouge can be difficult. You’re looking at cost, location, amenities. Have you also thought about how many bedrooms you’d like? Now if you’re just one person, it can be easy to assume you’ll be in a one bedroom. But hear us out, we’re proponents of 2 bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge and here’s why.  

2 Bedroom Apartments

If you have a 2-bedroom apartment, what do you do with that extra room? You might think the obvious answer is a roommate. There are pros and cons to sharing your place. It’s nice to have a friend nearby, plus splitting the rent is always a bonus! But then they eat your groceries, don’t clean up after themselves, and play sad music all the time. Once you get to a certain place in your life and career, it might be time to fly solo. But don’t shun yourself into a one-bedroom just yet! Here are a few ideas on what to do with that extra space.

A Room for Your REAL Best Friend

Do you prefer your roommates to be of the animal variety? Your pup or kitty might appreciate having their own space. (And guests will appreciate an out-of-sight-and-smell litter box.) You can have a separate space for their crate, food, and all their toys. It’s out of the way and contained. When you have a party, they’ll happily stay in their space. It can make house training easier too!


Do you work from home full-time? Or maybe you have a side hustle that needs its own space? Your second bedroom can house your computer, your crafts, or whatever you need to make your life work. Many experts recommend keeping your work and home life separate. Having your work in a separate room means you’ll be able to close the door on that stress after hours.  

Glad To Have Guests

Maybe all your friends are jealous of how close you are to LSU home games. (They’re so jealous they invite themselves over to crash afterward.) Or, your place has become the pre- and the post-party spot for downtown excursions. But it’s not a problem. Houseguests are easy in 2-bedroom apartments! Invite them over—they’ll have a private room to stay the night. (Obviously, breakfast should be on them the next day to thank you.) Or, maybe your family wants to visit for the holidays. Impress your parents with their very own guest suite. Lay out some extra towels and blankets and watch your mom beam with pride.

River House Apartments in Baton Rouge

River House Apartments offers one and two-bedroom apartments. In fact, there are three different 2-bedroom floor plans from which you can choose. In each one, every bedroom has an ensuite bathroom (which is an excellent feature for both roommates and guests). Every apartment has cultured stone countertops and hardwood flooring. In addition to your beautiful, spacious flat, you’ll enjoy a variety of amenities.

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