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Luxury Downtown Baton Rouge Apartments for Rent

It’s 2019: a new year, a new you. But to have a new you, you’re going to need a new apartment. Your old one is just a little run down and it’s important that you live in a place that reflects who you want to be seen as. So, where are you supposed to find apartments that are luxury, yet within your budget? You’re just in luck! River House has the best luxury downtown Baton Rouge apartments for rent.

Available Rooms

At River House Apartments, we have five different floor plans to offer. Our one-bedroom apartments come in “Bocage” and “Conti.” The Bocage is 555 feet and rent begins at $1,109. Conti begins at $1,209 and is 720 square feet. On the other hand, our remaining three floor plans are two bedroom apartments. These are perfect if you want to bring in a friend or roommate. Our first two-bedroom apartment, “Rouge,” is a comfy 951 square feet, with rent beginning at $1,509 a month. Another option, “d’Iberville” is 1001 square feet and the rent begins at $1,409. Lastly, our final apartment “Acadia” is a spacious 1051 square feet. Rent for this apartment begins at $1,559. Among all the options for downtown Baton Rouge apartments for rent,  these prices are low for the quality this good.

Pet and Family-Friendly

We love our furry friends at River House Apartments. So that’s why we offer an on-site Bark Park for your pets to play and lounge around. Our apartments allow two pets at most. However, rooms on the first floor can have pets more than 35 lbs. This is unlike most apartments, which only allow small dogs or no animals at all.

This isn’t the only amenity that our residents love. We offer choices and safety while living here. That’s why our residents get a choice of carport or detached parking garages for their car. Additionally, our residents have several safety features in place. This is because we want them to have the best experience they could ask for. These include a gate for the community and trusted on-site maintenance. Also, these are just a fraction of our amenities. Others include a Wi-Fi cafe, yoga studio, outdoor cooking areas, and more! We’re constantly looking for new things to add in for our residents because we feel that they deserve it.

Grab Your Luxury Apartment Today

River House Apartments offers the finest luxury downtown Baton Rouge apartments for rent. We offer a variety of amenities, short commutes, the latest tech, and much more. Anything you may need to live a comfortable life. If you’re interested, be sure to give us a call at (225) 230-0624. Made a decision already? You can always apply online! Living in the lap of luxury is just a click away.