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Finding Pet Friendly Apartments In Baton Rouge

Being a pet owner is part of who you are. You should never have to sacrifice that part of yourself for a place to live. It turns out, there are plenty of beneficial reasons to own a pet. But that doesn’t always make it easier to find a pet friendly apartment. Are you looking for pet friendly apartments in Baton Rouge? Check out River House. We love your pets as much as you do!

The Benefits Of Having A Pet

Having a pet is fun. But a pet is not just a hobby or a source of entertainment. (You might have flashbacks of your mom insisting a pet is a responsibility as well.) Pets have real benefits for our lives. A report from Harvard University claims that pets can help you live happier and even live longer.

  • Love And Companionship: If you live alone, a pet can give you some company. Do you live with a partner or roommate? A pet’s friendly face and its unconditional love are still unsurpassed in the human world.  
  • Lower Stress Levels: The love and companionship correlate to lower stress levels. Having less stress in your life not only can make you happier, but it can also make you healthier too. We can’t think of a better bad day antidote than a puppy playdate or a cuddle with a kitty.
  • Higher Levels of Activity: A pet needs exercise, especially dogs. You know your body needs exercise too. It’s easy to ignore a little voice in your head telling you to go on a walk. It’s harder to ignore a barking dog at the door looking expectantly at his leash.
  • Lower Cardiovascular Risk: The American Heart Association has also studied the health benefits of pet ownership. According to their study, pet owners have lower blood pressure (maybe because of the lower stress levels). Lower blood pressure can, in turn, lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Baton Rouge

We know you didn’t need those extra facts to want your pet. You love them. They’re a part of your family. They might even be the only family you have in Baton Rouge. You can’t imagine living without them, so it’s time to find pet friendly apartments. Apartment-hunting is difficult enough in the Red Stick. You have your list of priorities: rent cost, size, location, and perks. Adding a pet-friendly necessity can seem like an impossible search. At River House, we understand this difficulty. That’s why we’re proud to offer apartments for young professionals in Baton Rouge—and their pets!

River House Apartments

River House Apartments in Baton Rouge offer one- and two-bedroom apartments. They’re all pet-friendly. In addition to their pet-friendliness, River House offers a herd of amenities. Community amenities include a resort-style swimming pool, a fitness center with a yoga studio, and outdoor cooking areas. Each apartment is equipped with a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood flooring. Ready to move in with your furry friend? Contact us at (225) 230-0624 or apply now online.